Nordic Shelter is proud to be selected for the design, development and production of the Mobile Newton Classroom as a partner for FIRST Scandinavia.
The Newton concept purpose is to give as many children and young people experiences and learning in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The tutorials are varied and is focused on practical activities.
FIRST Scandinavia is cooperating with Boeing for the Newton concept.

The design and production of the Mobile Newton Classrooms has been a process where the project team from FIRST and the Nordic Shelter engineering team has worked closely together ensuring an unique mobile classroom concept.

1 mobile classroom consist of 2 pcs 20 foot expandable containers, transportable on 1 truck. Each container provides 36m2 of floor space when expanded, and they are connected with a tunnel when loaded and set up.
The mobile classrooms have integrated ventilation, air condition and heating to provide an optimal learning environment when the classrooms are crowded with active youngsters.


The first delivered classroom set will according to FIRST Scandinavia start a journey in Europe, starting with Spain, Germany and the Netherlands. 5 other countries are in the planning phase.

Read more about FIRST Scandinavia and the Newton Room concept here.